‘Fly me to the Moon’ – … having lunch at Moon in the A’DAM Tower

Fly me to the moon
Let me play among the stars
Let me see what spring is like on
Jupiter and Mars

How appropriate are Frank Sinatra’s lyrics on the lunch menu of the new 360 degrees panorama restaurant in the A’DAM Tower. I was given a chance to sample the food. A Menu Eclipse, five courses in one hour. Although that hour got a bit longer, that’s how extremely addictive the view is.

Having arrived at the 20th floor you walk right into Moon. The inside is dark, the outside is lighter. The Dark Side and the somewhat lighter side of course. As soon as you stand on the turning floor you instantly your vestibular system senses it: we’re turning! But slowly, in a very pleasant way. The background music is just as gentle on the ears and adjusts your balance right away.

Obviously your table is placed directly at the window. You have the biggest flatscreen right in front of you. No cinema can compete with that. A lovely bubble that you step in just like that. Let the world go on turning, we’re going to have lunch.

I am not going to bore you with detailed descriptions about what everything is exactly. The food simply is – and tastes – extremely good. Pictures say more than words. We start with an amuse. A silver moon pearl that you should let explode in your mouth. Pooofff!

After that we move on to The Moon straight away. Foie with beetroot, steak tartare and kefir lime … a very tasty and well adorned little dish.

The Tiger Milk: a ceviche of coquille with radish, apple icecream and wasabi. Lovely and fresh after the foie.

Eel in a lovely sauce and green vegetables (or ‘eel in green’ as we say in Dutch)

And here’s the Beef!

“Jaimie van Heije from the restaurant of the same name in Ouderkerk aan de Amstel is Moon’s signature chef and together with head chef Tommy den Hartog they reach the peak of culinary creation”… that’s what Mytravelboektje wrote about Moon. ilovenoord doesn’t have much to add to this. Moon is an experience you wouldn’t want to miss if you love good food. Take me to the Moon!

Moon is open since May 2016. For more information and reservations have a look at restaurantmoon.nl.

// original blog written for ilovenoord.nl:Luc Harings (18 mei 2016) – translation: Anke Feenstra