Chicken place in Amsterdam-Noord

Jonneke de Zeeuw writes the blog Mooncake and was nominated to be food blogger of the year. She regularly takes the ferry to Noord to have a taste of and write about the newest and nicest restaurants and bars. Recently she visited Kiplekker de Beste (translator’s note: as far as translations go; Kip lekker literally translates as chicken good. It’s a Dutch expression that means you feel great!): the newest chicken place in Amsterdam-Noord…

I predict that this won’t be a very long blog. The reason for that is simple. Last week I ate the juiciest chicken ever, combined with the best French fries ever. I’m not exaggerating. I do exaggerate every now and then, but not now. I ate a phenomenal chicken at Kiplekker de Beste in Amsterdam Noord and want all of you to experience it too. They just opened. If you pass it unknowingly be it by foot, by bike, by car, you see the place in a flash, and you don’t know the joint is owned by the same incredibly nice guy as IJskoud de Beste (an amazing and good ice cream salon just across the road), you might think: this is just another chicken place; whatever.

You might expect that they sell those gross, greasy Kentucky Fried Chicken-type battered pieces of chicken in a paper bucket for a nickel and a dime. But this impression couldn’t be further from the truth. Joop Jorna and his staff have managed to serve a chicken so juicy, it will appear in your dreams. This in combination with French fries that are not just crunchy on the outside, but soft and almost creamy on the inside. Nothing is life throws you off like fries that look great and crunchy on the outside, but are a dry and jejune mess inside. It’s the same as dating someone who appears to have it all (big emerald green eyes, lashes that reach up to the sky, a dark five-o-clock shave, a raw and deep voice, full of jokes, boxing champion, a chef in the kitchen; well, just to give you an example) but at the end of the day it turns out he votes Wilders (Translator’s note: a Dutch populist politician). Lol! Imagine that. A phenomenal disappointment if you ask me. A grilled chicken can easily look great too. Beautifully golden brown and when you some juice dripping from the side, you are quick to assume that it might be the real deal. But beware dear friends! It might turn out to be too dry on the inside and that can be a huge disappointment. This meat was not just soft, tender and all, but also so incredibly juicy! I honestly never tasted anything like it. And I can tell you, I’ve eaten my way through a chicken or two in my short but eventful life.

Enough said. It’s time to show you.

This is it:

They serve both organic and non-organic chicken and halal meat too.

The French fries:

The sauces where worthwhile too. Oh, and next to that I ate a very good pumpkin soup and chicken is served in different forms such as “Kippeling” (translator’s note: Kibbeling is typically Dutch batterered cod, kip means chicken, so you can imagine what the restaurant might serve here). Yum!

Please visit this chicken joint soon. French fries with grilled chicken is THE perfect Sunday night meal. Or great as a comforting Monday night meal too. Or any-day-of-the-week really, a good chicken with fries like this one is able to touch your heart and fill it with the warm and fuzzy feeling that everything is going to be okay in those lives of ours.

Kiplekker de Beste

  • Waddenweg 2, 1025 PV Amsterdam
  • Sun t/m Thu 11 AM – 10 PM | Fri and Sat 11 AM – midnight

The meat is halal, organic, you can take out and eat in until late in the evening, cause at Kiplekker de beste they are easy going.

Door: Jonneke de Zeeuw

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