Photo Brouwerij de Vriendschap
Photo Brouwerij de Vriendschap
Photo: Michael van Oosten
Photo: Michael van Oosten

Summer show comes to the NDSM wharf

summer show

Calling all artists living or working in North Amsterdam. NDSM art galleries Nieuw Dakota and Francis Boeske Projects are holding their first joint Summer Show for local artists between 21 June to 1 August 2015.

The show is open to all disciplines and any level. It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional or amateur. If you have just left the art academy or if you are already well known. Any artists who are living…

Sleep aloft in the letters of Amterdam’s Botel

Botel B

It’s inexpensive, a free ferry-ride from the city centre and bang right in the middle of the trendy NDSM Docklands area. The Amstel Botel is a floating 3-star hotel in the IJ harbour. If you have been to Amsterdam before you may have seen the big white ship with its prices painted  on the side at its old location outside Central Station.


Photo @NDSM_werf

Photo @NDSM_werf

 Great if you want to be gently rocked to sleep by the …

Yoga for everyone at Yogaschool Noord

Photo Yogaschool Noord

From Friday 27 February free lessons for anyone on a low budget !

January is the month for New Year’s resolutions. And more yoga is at the top of my list! This has been made particularly easy this year, since the opening of Yogaschool Noord in the Vogelbuurt last October.

Written by Marcia

A couple of months ago, Ilovenoord colleague Pertri told Amsterdam newspaper Het Parool, the only thing she needs to leave North …

Modestraat, street fashion on a shoestring

Modestraat dress room

Usually the beauty industry is associated with high fashion and vast expense. But it doesn’t have to be that way. The Modestraat in North Amsterdam recently reopened in style on the Buikslotermeerplein. The interior of the old FEBO and Wok King has had a complete makeover. Following an expansion, the revamped Modestraat now includes a coffee bar, various workshops, studios, a massage parlour, swop shop, hairdressing

Brooklyn Hotel towers over the NDSM wharf

Opening Brooklyn Hotel

For some the Brooklyn Hotel signifies the completion of gentrification process on the NDSM wharf. Others will probably like to book a room there. The hotel literally towers over most of the former shipyard buidings. Although many of them have been given new purpose, they have kept their authentic and unique look. Renovation may have saved many of the crumbling monumental structures that once housed a bustling shipbuilding

Go North! There is a cuppa waiting at every port of call

Al Ponte

If  you are an Amsterdam townie or a tourist who so far has not ventured north of the River IJ, here’s a quick guide to coffee spots just beyond the ferry. People have even come from as far away as Weesp to taste an Italian Al Ponte cappuccino.  But it doesn’t matter which ferry or bridge you take there’s a hot cuppa waiting for you at every port of call. 

Cafe De Pont

This is the old Ferry House – Pont means ferry.…

The taste of North

Upcycled chocolate boxes

Sometimes it’s nice to discover something new. Something that cannot be found in New York, Paris, London or even central Amsterdam. North has its own assortment of foodmakers. Individuals who have followed their passion, set up shop and sought an alternative to the usual range of commercial products on the supermarket shelves. Some of them are even winning prizes.


Chocolate makers

Rodney and Enver discovered…

Old North meets New on the Pek Market

the new Pek Market

Every visit to Amsterdam should include at least one visit to one of its many markets. The Dutch love a bargain, whatever the size of their wallet, and every town and city neighbourhood has its own market day. North’s favourite market is changing location and changing its name. A bit of an adventure for all.

Fresh veg at the Pek Market

Fresh veg at the Pek Market

The Mosveld Market has been located in the heart of North Amsterdam since the 1920s,…

Go vintage in North Amsterdam

Photo A-Lokatie

Everyone loves to find something unique to wear or something special for their home. Shopping is more fun when it is not more of the same. That is why vintage stuff is so popular. But it also makes more sense to reuse and upcycle disregarded articles from another era. You can create a new look, or give your home an authentic feel. It doesn’t have to cost a lot and it is kind of fun too. 

Today (16 Nov) at the NDSM wharf: Jazz…

Spend a night in the hay at a farm Hooitel

Kids enjoy a ride in the wheelbarrow

Ever fancied spending a night in the hay. Now’s your chance as Stadshoeve, an organic farm just outside the city in Zunderdorp, has opened its barn to visitors.

First you build your own accommodation from bales of hay, then you can uncork the wine and enjoy a farm bar-b-que or bourgondian dinner in the barn, and sit around a camp fire while the kids play among the ponies, calves and piglets before bedding down. But don’t…

Urban Nomad Loes is back in North

Urban nomad Loes

Last year, Loes Glandorff travelled around North with her mobile yurt and two goats as part of a project to see what it is like to live as a nomad in an urban setting. We live in a land of plenty and it didn’t take her long to find out where to dumpster dive for food and who would be willing to put her up in their back yard. She spent a couple of weeks in my neighbour’s back garden. If you like she can stay in yours….

Ten tips for a terrace on the Sunny Side of the IJ

Pllek Photo: Marion Golsteijn

The days are getting longer, the skirts shorter, and in North Amsterdam the waterside terraces sunnier. With glorious weather predicted for the weekend, North’s summer season has finally opened. So where better to enjoy the summer than the sunny side of the IJ on the North shore. Just take one of the free ferries, choose the perfect spot and relax.

Partly compiled by Jeroen Kleijne

 Here is a top 10 of North’s sunny…

Is a bridge to North Amsterdam still a bridge too far?

Bridge over the IJ 
Pakhuis de Zwijger

The debate on a bridge to North Amsterdam is hotting up. Is a bridge feasible, should it take cars, will it replace the ferries, will it mean paying a fare on the ferries? Emotions are rising as  capacity of the ferries stretches to breaking point, now that Amsterdammers, day-trippers and tourists are discovering the North Shore. It’s a good sign…in a way.

 ‘Over de Brug’ exhibition at Museum

Tolhuistuin opens its doors to the world


It’s been seven years in the making, but the refurbishment of the Tolhuistuin (Toll House Garden) is complete. North Amsterdam’s new cultural centre is ready to open its doors and let the world in. To mark the event, the Framer Framed exhibition opens in which young artists from the Middle East show the lost dreams of their future in ´Crisis of History.


Chris Keulemans Artistic Director

Chris Keulemans Artistic Director

Adam finds paradise on the North Shore

Adam Toren - photo Adam Toren

It all began back in 2005. Royal Dutch Shell relocated its head office down river and vacated its characteristic Tower and a number of other laboratories and buildings, opening up a whole new riverside location, which had been inaccessible to the public for decades. The local council held a competition for the best idea to revamp what had become known as the Shell Tower and open it to visitors.

View of Adam Toren from the river

View of Adam Toren from the

Dutch architects print 3D canal house

3D Printed Canal House

Millions of visitors come to Amsterdam every year to see the canals and their illustrious Golden Age houses on the ´Gouden Bocht´. Unesco has even added Amsterdam’s famous canals to its World Heritage List. But soon tourists will be flocking to North Amsterdam for a very different sight: the building of a canal house by 3D printer. DUS Architects have set themselves the task of being the first to build a house

What if you could pack your home in an hour?

Loes on the dike with goats Photo Petra Wilbrink

Loes on the dike

It’s the question artist/designer Loes Glandorff asked herself when she set out to become an Urban Nomad. Economic boom is turning nomadic people into city dwellers, while city dwellers are turning into nomads as they look for work. What can we learn from a nomadic lifestyle about using our resources more smartly, how can we use their experience to achieve sustainability on a planet that seems to be getting too small

Monumental NDSM crane returns as high end hotel Faralda

Faralda NDSM Crane Hotel by night

For decades, Crane 13, visible from the back of Amsterdam Central Station, has been a landmark for the NDSM Wharf. Since the docks closed as a shipbuilding yard in 1984, the crane slowly rusted away, while on the ground, things began to change.

The old wharf is undergoing a transformation. At first the derelict site attracted squatters, they were followed by artists looking for cheap studio space, then the creative industries…

Why the EYE Film Institute tops your itinerary

EYE Film Photo: Jitske Schols -

The Eye Film Institute on the northern bank of the river IJ is top of the list of what to do on your second day in Amsterdam. That means most tourists take the free ferry across the river to the low futuristic white building which now houses the Netherlands’ silver screen heritage.  The spectacular landmark is the first thing you see as you arrive at Central Station by train.

Eye intertior, photo: Nicola Chadwick

Eye interior

The Eye opened in May 2012 and…

Make De Ruimte your own creative space

De Ruimte - more than just a café
De Ruimte - more than just a café

De Ruimte – more than just a café

De Ruimte is quite literally a new space that has popped up in Amsterdam North, but please note – Ceci n’est pas un café! It’s an inspiring, free, culture stimulating opportunity. De Ruimte is a pizza place, restaurant space, stage and living room.

Take a seat, enjoy the view across the canal and if you get nippy peer into a hessian sack… you might find a blanket hiding in there.…

Pop-Up Summer Restaurant on the Lighthouse Island

Glass Summer Pop-Up Restaurant

It must be the most spectacular location for a pop-up restaurant. The Lighthouse Island is in the IJsselmeer Lake off Durgerdam village …

The island is usually closed to the public so when you can go, you should go. The boat trip alone is worthwhile. Last summer a temporary glass structure was built on site of an old fort. It’s re-opening this Thursday 29 May and is a joint project by Staatsbosbeheer (forestry authority),…

Noorderlicht draws an alternative crowd

photo | Jitske Schols

If you are looking for an alternative scene, try Café Restaurant Noorderlicht. The organic wholefood restaurant is housed in what looks like a war-time Nissan hut complete with sandbags and a half-cylindrical, corrugated-plastic roof. It’s built on a grassy mound overlooking the River IJ, tucked away in a corner of the NDSM Docklands terrain.

When Noorderlicht first opened its sliding doors six and a half years…

Good off-the-beaten-track food at Hotel de Goudfazant


The owners of Hotel de Goudfazant, Bart Oosterveer and Niels Wouters are pioneers in creating off-the-beaten-track restaurants in North Amsterdam. They have been so successful, I see they are now branching out into Rotterdam’s industrial sites. You won’t happen to pass by Hotel de Goudfazant unless you take a boat down the river IJ. So the food has got to be good, and it is.

The restaurant is located in an old hanger…

Stork serves sole on the sunny side

Stork fish restaurant photo | Jitske Schols

Stork is not where you would expect to find a specialised fish restaurant. Before North Amsterdam became “North Amsterdam”, it used to be known as  “De Overkant”, or “the other side”. The city dumped everything it didn’t want north of the river IJ: its undesirables, its industries and the guest workers that manned those industries. Now that heavy industry has largely disappeared, there is

Fancy lunch at Jacques Jour?


Fancy lunch in North Amsterdam, the possibilities are endless. A portion of chips at  Pietjes chippy, toasted sandwich at De Pont or a Panini at il Pecorino, but if you want to go slightly more up-market  try a three-course hot lunch every day at Jacques Jour. Yes, the pun is intended.

It’s a ‘shop-in-shop’ as Jacques Jour is located in Café Modern. Every day, Lotte and Jessica serve breakfast and brunch during…

Friendship is… creating the perfect brew

Photo Brouwerij de Vriendschap

You could say the Dutch are acquiring a taste for independent beers.  In the last ten years 243 independent breweries have been set up in the Netherlands. Although they still only represent a small segment of the market (roughly 5 %), it is definitely a growing trend. As a result, microbreweries are popping up in the most unlikely places.

Three years ago, friends Peter Harms and Aart van Bergen started experimenting…

Two galleries – one location on the NDSM wharf

Photo: Michael van Oosten

Two art galleries side by side on the NDSM. Nieuw Dakota opened back in 2010 in spite of the harsh climate for the arts and culture in the Netherlands and the economic crisis. Nextdoor Vous Etes Ici opened it doors in 2012 and closed them last October. Now co-founder of Vous Etes Ici Francis Boeske has begun a new initiative in the blue warehouse,  Francis Boeske Projects. The two continue to provide exhibition space